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Get Help With Substance Abuse

Addiction is a mental disorder which compels someone to repeatedly use substances or engage in behaviors even though they have harmful consequences. Addictions destroy marriages, friendships, and careers and threaten a person’s basic health and safety.

Signs of Addiction Can Include:

- Obsessive thoughts and actions

- Disregard of harm caused

- Loss of control

- Sudden weight loss or gain

- Slurred speech

- Lack of motivation

- Emotionally withdrawing from people

- Sudden mood swings

- Unexplained paranoia

Ways to Receive Help:

- Detoxification

- Behavioral Counseling

- Medication

- Long-term follow-up

- Residential Treatment

- Day Treatment/Partial Hospitalization

- Outpatient Treatment

- Sober Living Communities

Addiction to anything is a serious problem. If you leave addiction untreated, it could stop your life in its tracks. Fortunately, there are many rehab facilities and recovery centers throughout the country where anyone can get the treatment they need to achieve sobriety.

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