Intensive In-Home Services

Intensive In-Home (IIH) Services are a time-limited, crisis-based, intensive family program. IIH is intended to stabilize the home environment, promote reunification of the family, and prevent out-of-home placement of children and adolescents.


Intensive In-Home, as the name suggests, is a personalized clinical program delivered to children in their home and community setting. IIH focuses on diffusing current crises and works in partnership with the consumer and his/her family to reduce the likelihood of recurring conflict. In addition, C3 works to strengthen connections with appropriate community resources in an effort to provide self-help and living skills training, provide parenting skills training, develop skills for coping with any issues facing the consumer, promote healthy interactions within the home and their community, and monitor and manage psychiatric symptoms, if present.


C3 utilizes an individualized approach to deliver quality clinical care that addresses the identified needs of children and adolescents who require assistance to remain stable in their home and community.


The IIH Team Leads are Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSW) or Licensed Professional Counselors (LPC), or they are provisional or board eligable. In addition to the team lead, each team is staffed only by Qualified Professionals (QP), and Associate Professionals (AP).


Due to the crisis-centered nature of IIH, C3 maintains a 24/7 Crisis Line, fully staffed at all times.

24/7 Crisis Line



Hey, my name is Jesus and this is my sucess story. I used to get into a lot of trouble at school and out of school and I had really bad grades. I wasnt thinking about my future and how everything I did could mess it up for me until I started doing counceling. It was a little bit intese at first but it's in the name. I didn't have a problem with it, it's just that i had to get used to the schedule, the team helped me out a lot in every way they could. They were understanding, they always listened and never gave up on me. They helped me a lot to get in the right path and to make good habits and to be more responsible. I'm really thankful for having MJ, Danae and Gray .