Carolina’s Creative Counseling, PA is committed to “Building Healthy Families” by providing effective, compassionate clinical care to at-risk children and their families, both in their home and in the community.

Carolina’s Creative Counseling, PA (C3) will distinguish itself as both a community and state leader in the treatment of mental illness and its effects on children and their families. Our services and programs will support our clients across their life span and will provide them, their families and our communities with needed counseling, therapy and education. C3 will continue to be in compliance with all healthy and safety requirements. Appropriate clinical sites and scheduled appointments must be approved by C3 before any consultations. C3 will continue to schedule and document clinical assessments, medication management evaluations, and psychological and psychiatric evaluations. C3 will continue to work to build a healthy community of families, neighbors, schools and child serving agencies, that fosters physically and mentally healthy children and adolescents, maximizes their potential in school and in the home and prepares them to be productive and responsible adults.


  • Recovery is the process of gaining control over one’s life in the context of the personal, social and economic losses that may result from the experience of psychiatric disability. It is a continuing, non-linear, highly individual process that is based on hope and leads to healing and growth.

  • Hope is the belief that one has both the ability and the opportunity to engage in the recovery process.

  • Excellence is the state of possessing superior merit in the design, delivery and evaluation of mental health services.

  • Respect is esteem for the worth of a person including recognition of dignity, diversity and cultural differences.

  • Safety is an environment free from hurt, injury or danger.


Team Work makes the Dream Work
It is within the home that we first learn how to speak, to read, to behave, and most importantly, to love. We learn how to share and interact with others from the relationships formed in our home, and it is in our home, that we learn what it means to be a family. Family has always included our relatives, but the contemporary family also includes our teachers, our pastors, our friends, and anyone else with whom we surround ourselves. Our family should provide for us, protect us and nurture us. Further, it is our family that knits us into the greater fabric of our community. A healthy family creates strength, instills confidence, promotes courage, and is the foundation of a healthy society.


Out of these thoughts, Carolina's Creative Counseling (C3) came to be. A Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a thriving practice and the determination to create an outlet where we could serve others while strengthening the bonds that make up a healthy family. C3 began as a conversation between friends, and ended up, after more than a year of careful planning and discussion...a reality. Our focus is not only on the individuals we serve, but also on the characteristics and dynamics that make up a healthy family. We believe that the family is where identities are shaped, where healing begins, where strength is formed, and where love is shared.


The Management Team of Carolina's Creative Counseling have committed themselves to a basic mission: "Serve Those Entrusted To Us". Our entire organization; our Board of Directors, our Medical and Clinical Directors, our Clinical Assessment Team, our clinicians and direct care staff are all committed to our mission of "Building Healthy Families".


Thank you for your support as we continue our mission.


Cathy R. Harris-Mansfield, LCSW

Owner/Clinical Director
Carolina's Creative Counseling, PA

"The only impossible journey is the one you never begin"!